Open Data Student Projects (TIEA207) at JYU/MIT

The Faculty of Information Technology at University of Jyväskylä (Finland) offers a bachelor-level project-based course, which is based on the use of open resources. The course challenges participants to ideate and implement a software application within a 12-week period using open data and open APIs. Project teams are formed according to a principle that team members have not worked together before. The newly formed teams first review open resources and their own interests and intentions, and define a project topic. Typically the teams ideate small-scale web services that benefit particular real-life target groups. The project outcome is a usable prototype of the project idea. Teams present their project results in a departmental project presentations session at the end of the course. The course can be shortly referred to as creative project-based learning.

Group processes and the software process followed by the team are discussed during weekly per group discussion sessions to promote conceptual learning. Programming in the course reflects the present-day mashup character of software development. Participants get also acquainted with IPR questions as their combine different resources and consider how to release their end products. Generally, the course concept attempts to promote innovation ability and addresses the educational call posed by the process of digitalization.

Current Course staff

Ville Isomöttönen (the course teacher)

Miika Kulmala (technical supervisor)

Collaborating teachers and co-researchers may attend the teaching of the course.