TIES478 exam instructions

TIES478 exam instructions

0. Getting started

1. Objective

In this exam, you are given a virtual machine called $USERNAME-tentti. This virtual machine has some applications installed and a few services it is supposed to provide. However, the previous administrator of the machine has done a terrible job, and quite a few things are broken, messy or misconfigured.

Your goal is to determine what is wrong with the machine and fix those issues.

Inside the virtual machine, there is a log file (created by the previous administrator of the VM) located at /$USERNAME-tentti.log. Use this file to your advantage.

You are to document your findings, fixes and comments in a log file located at /home/$USERNAME/$USERNAME-tentti.txt inside the virtual machine.

2. Rules

3. Grading


  • The previous administrator's log file might have inaccuracies, outdated information and discrepancies. Document these carefully to earn points!
  • The machine has security/configuration issues beside the obvious ones related to the server's primary functionality - document and fix these for points!
  • Remember to document partially successful or unsuccessful fix attempts as well - they can be worth some points.
  • Be patient and meticulous - not everything is as it seems.
  • Have fun!