Exercise 6

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1 Introduction: Exercise 6

In this exercise, we practice iptables and NFS. Instead of moving files around with scp, we mount part of the filesystem from KONE2 in KONE1̇.

Here are links to Ubuntu's documentation about iptables, NFS Setup, and Autofs.

2 Steps

2.1 Make firewall rules with iptables in KONE1

Write rules so that

  • Everything is rejected by default,
  • All outgoing traffic is allowed anywhere,
  • All traffic is allowed from and forwarded to KONE2,
  • Incoming ssh and http is allowed from anywhere,
  • Forwarded port 8080 is only accessible from JYUnet ( Port 2222 is only accessible from the lonka network (
  • All traffic from any established connections is allowed,
  • Log all blocked packets.

Make these rules persistent: install iptables-persistent and save your rules in /etc/iptables/rules.v4.

Check that everything works, and is loaded correctly in boot. To test that, try connecting to a random port and see if that connection attempt gets blocked and logged by the firewall. In other words, http://KONE1.student.it.jyu.fi should work from your workstation and http://KONE1.student.it.jyu.fi:443 should get blocked and logged.

2.2 Network File System

  1. KONE1: install nfs-common and autofs.
  2. KONE2: install nfs-kernel-server.
  3. Make a folder /exports in KONE2 for all things shared (or exported) with NFS. In /etc/exports, add the line /exports <172.21. ...>(rw,crossmnt,no_root_squash) where <172.21. ...> is the IP address of KONE1.
  4. Make bind mounts inside /exports: this puts part of the filesystem inside the exports. It doesn't copy files, just makes them reappear in a different path 1 – in this case, the exports path. This can be done online with the command mount --bind /something /exports/something and as a permanent setting in /etc/fstab with a line /something /exports/something none bind 0 0.

    Export the paths /etc/nginx, /home, /var/log, /backups at least.

  5. Run exportfs -a to initialize the exports table.
  6. In KONE1: You might have to add a direct route to KONE2 through the lonka (up route add -net 192.168.12N.0 netmask gw in /etc/network/interfaces 2). Then you can mount the filesystem with the command mount 192.168.12N.XXX:/exports /kone2.

2.3 Autofs

  1. In KONE1, edit the file /etc/auto.master to inlucde the line /nfs /etc/auto.nfs. Then make a new file /etc/auto.nfs to have the line kone2 192.168.12N.XXX:/exports.
  2. Unmount any existing NFS mounts if you have any. Then, restart autofs daemon. Now you should be able to cd to /nfs/kone2/homes/TUNNUS and see your home directory in KONE2.

2.4 Logs to KONE2

  1. in KONE1, edit /etc/rsyslog.conf like this: *.* @@192.168.12N.XXX:10514
  2. in KONE2, add this to the same file:
$ModLoad imtcp
$InputTCPServerRun 10514

Check that the logs are coming to KONE2.

2.5 Finish

  • Check updates for both VMs.
  • Run the checker.


1 A question for those with too much free time: what is the difference between bind mounts and symlinks?

2 If you installed 18.04 from scratch without version upgrade, you have to do this in a similiar but distinct configuration with netplan.

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